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Loose Change 5.1 Is LIVE 

Where did you come from

Check out the great work in our new issue by Charles Alexander, Laura Carter, Bruce Covey, Rob Halpern, Clare Louise Harmon, Miranda Mellis, Matthew Nye, D. A. Powell, Megan Vopert, and many others, including images by Marthe Reed and Danifinn

Submissions for Loose Change 5.2 are open 

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Best of Loose Change Anthology

Best of Anthology


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Support Loose Change in publishing some of the best, most adventurous, engaged and engaging writing in the Anglophone world today. The literary arm of WonderRoot, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit community arts organization in Atlanta, your generous donation will also support local events and educational programming geared to nurture the literary arts and creativity at every level of development in Atlanta and beyond. No amount is too small. We greatly appreciate your support!

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Loose Change magazine publishes outstanding literary and visual art across genre and discipline, serving as a platform for emerging and established artists. Through Loose Change, WonderRoot cultivates literary community through education and collaboration, functioning as a resource for creative writers and readers and a partner for community engagement through the literary arts.

WonderRoot is an Atlanta-based non-profit arts and service organization with a mission to unite artists and community to inspire positive social change.