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  Is  Entering  an  Exciting  Phase  in  Our  Evolution!

With our Winter issue we re-launch under the direction of our new Editor, Michael Tod Edgerton, to showcase the finest, freshest, and most exciting work in English from established and emerging writers across the country and abroad—including, as always, Georgia’s own most talented literary and visual artists.

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Submit your unruly and ambitious best by November 15 to be considered for inclusion in the Winter  issue

Calling  All  Literary  and  Visual  Arts  Editors…

If you want to be a part of the excitement and help the new Loose Change grow, join our editorial team! We are now accepting applications for talented and committed editors through our Submittable page. We are interested in publishing ambitious, progressive-minded, engaged and engaging work that comes out of various traditions and moves them forward, honoring by reinventing them or critiquing and exploding them. We want familiar modes made new and emergent forms that renew us. Other journals whose editorial vision we admire include American Letters & Commentary, Chicago Review, Conjunctions, Fence, Indiana Review, and jubilat, to name only a few.

Please first take a look at the full description of What We Want on our Submissions page. If you’re a writer or experienced advocate of such work and would be excited to join our efforts, we would be delighted to receive your application for a position with our new editorial team. If you are an experienced creative writer and/or editor (or visual artist or arts curator) in Atlanta, and would be able to offer time and energy to reviewing and evaluating submissions, attend monthly meetings, and help contribute periodically to our Community/Events page with events listings, feature articles, interviews, and the like, we welcome your application. If you might be interested in serving as Community/Events Page Editor, please write a letter of interest stating previous journalistic writing and editing qualifications and outlining your interest in the position. As with the vast majority of literary journals, Loose Change is a labor of love, and we are unable to pay staff at this time.

If you would like to be considered for the position of Editor, Assistant Editor, or Reader in one of our submissions categories—Poetry, Fiction, Lyric Essay/Creative Nonfiction, Performance Writing (including plays and screenplays), Hybrid and Otherwise “Other,” or Visual Arts—please submit a one to two-page letter of interest specifying the following:

* Genre and preferred position (Genre Editor, Assistant Genre Editor, Reader) and what you hope both to give to and receive from the position.

* Your writing (or visual arts) background and education (formal or informal).

* Your aesthetic and curatorial vision. What do you value in “good” writing (or visual art) and what writers (or artists) might you assemble in our pages if you could do so with the wave of your pen or iPad?

* A brief list of previous creative writing publications.

* Previous literary (or visual arts) curatorial experience (such as working on literary/art journals, organizing reading series, gallery exhibits, etc.) and/or experience teaching creative writing and/or contemporary literature (or art studio/history) courses, giving us an idea of the kinds of courses you’ve designed.

* A complete curriculum vitae is optional but welcome (resumes of non-literary qualifications are not, however, except for Visual Arts and Community/Events Page editors). If you include it, please append it to the letter of interest in the same file.

Review of applications will begin immediately and continue until all positions are filled.

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