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Submission Form

Click here to download the submission form.

Submission Guidelines

What can I submit?
We accept anything that can be printed on a page. This means you can take a picture of your pottery and send it to us. You can submit plays. You can send us pop culture essays. You can share your graphic designs with us. The possibilities are endless.
What we are looking for?
These are general guidelines that touch on the quality and depth of artworks we want to showcase in Loose Change. We also appreciate works of any medium that effectively manipulate and/or break all the rules entirely and deliver something fresh, innovative and meaningful:

- Well-crafted, compelling, original material. Content should display a unique, strong creative voice.

- Narrative pieces should have an effective narrative structure and feature a distinctive manner of storytelling.

- Experimental pieces should imply an understanding of established artistic conventions within the medium and demonstrate intentionality and innovation in manipulating or ignoring those conventions.

-Your medium should be one that you have invested time and energy in developing, and display a high level of artistic intentionality.

- Submissions should be as polished and complete as the submitter has the capability to make them. No rough drafts.

- We have a flexible cap at 3,000 words, but we will accept a longer submission if we feel the quality of the work justifies its inclusion in the magazine in its entirety. We also reserve the right to publish excerpts of longer works in the event the submission exceeds the word cap.
How To Submit

We strongly encourage submissions by email to LooseChange@Wonderroot.org. However, we will gladly accept submissions handed to us in person at 982 Memorial Drive, ATLANTA, GA 30316 or mailed to P.O. Box 89018, ATLANTA, GA 30312.

You can also submit to the following:
Poetry - Molly Dickinson, editor, at molly@loosechangemagazine.org
Prose - Cristina Martin, editor in chief, at cristina@loosechangemagazine.org
Visual Art - Helen Hale or Ingrid Sibley, Editors, at helen@loosechangemagazine.org or ingrid@loosechangemagazine.org.

What To Include

All submissions must include a completed submission form. You may obtain this form on our website, or by contacting one of our editors.

When submitting both writing and artwork images, please send us a copy. Do not turn in your original version. We will not be able to return manuscripts or photographs.

E-mail submissions should be sent as individual document attachments. Do not send submissions as content in the e-mail. All entries must have a title (or be labeled as “Untitled” and numbered as necessary), included at the head of each work. This title should also be used as the name of the document attachment. Example: You would submit your poem “Wings” by including the title at the top of your poem text within an individual document file (do not include more than one submission per file) and then naming the document file “Wings” and attaching the file to the e-mail. This is especially important with submissions of visual art. All work that is inspired by, references or reflects similarities to previous work(s) that are not the original creation of the submitter must be properly attributed. Plagiarism will NOT be tolerated.

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